1792 Full Proof Bourbon – Mansion Pick


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1792 Full Proof Bourbon – Mansion Pick


About This Item


  • Seasoned Oak: The nose opens with a strong and potent scent of seasoned oak.
  • Caramel and Barrel Char: Layers of caramel and barrel char contribute to the heavy-handed aroma.
  • Subtle Fruits: Beneath the potency, you’ll find gentle scents of vanilla, cranberry, and raspberry.


  • Oak Dominance: On the palate, seasoned oak, caramel, and barrel char continue to shine.
  • Thick Mouthfeel: The whiskey coats your tongue with a sugary-oak medley, creating a satisfying mouthfeel.
  • Persistent Flavors: Pecan, dried dates, and a hint of stone fruit play supporting roles.


  • Transition: The finish transitions to light clove, dark chocolate, and brown sugar.
  • Minor Tannic Note: A slight dry oak note emerges, providing contrast.
  • Cinnamon Oak Aftertaste: The finish lingers with a touch of cinnamon oak.

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