The Cellars Weekly #1

Welcome to issue #1 of The Cellars Weekly. Let’s get straight to the news for this week.

What’s New???

Jack Daniels Sinatra Returns… in small amounts.

Jack Daniels Sinatra release is back in production after missing for the past 10 months. We got a whole 2 bottles in the Cellars, but production is picking up again and will hopefully be back to full inventory soon.

Orphan Barrel 14 Year Rye Whiskey ‘Scarlet Shade’

Orphan Barrel strikes again with a 14 year Rye Whiskey. We only got 2 bottles and we want to share it with 1 ounce pours available in the Cellars for $15 each. Stop in and have some with us.

TinCup 14 Year Bourbon Release

This is one of those whiskeys that many people have forgotten about. The regular and 10 year Tincup have been popular, but this limited release of the 14 year is really different, as it has a unique caramel flavor with a dark cherry finish. We have 8 bottles available in the Cellars and expect to get at least six more. If you want to taste this great bourbon release, we have 1 oz pours available in the Cellars for $7 each.

Jack Daniels 10 & 12 year release is out!

The second edition of 10 year is different from last year’s release, as it offers more upfront fruit flavor with a solid Tennessee whiskey hug on the finish. We only have a few bottles for sale, but we did open one for 1 oz pours in the Cellars for $9 each. The first release of the 12 year is truly amazing, as it offers a rich dark chocolate and subtle cherry flavors. We only received a couple bottles of this one, as well. We did open a bottle in the Cellars available for $11 per 1 oz pour.

Woodford Reserve Kentucky Derby Release is here!

The much anticipated release of the Kentucky Derby version is a special tribute to Secretariat, one of the most renowned race horses to win the Triple Crown. Supplies are limited, so hurry in to get one to drink during the Derby. Bottles are $52 each.

Maestro Dobel Diamante Tequila (Mansion Barrel Pick)

This is our 6th Dobel Tequila barrel and it does not disappoint. This particular barrel release was aged in Hungarian oak. The unique pepper and spice flavor is absolutely perfect to sip neat or mix in your favorite cocktail. Bottles are available for $42 each while they last. 

Method & Madness Irish Whiskey New Releases are here!

The Method & Madness Irish whiskey comes from the famed Middleton Distillery. These unique collaborations are done by the master distiller, the barrel master, and the master blender. Each chooses a unique barrel to finish the whiskey in, offering very unique profiles to the finished product. One is finished in Hungarian Oak Cask, another is Spanish Oak, and the final one in Japanese Chestnut. Come in and do a flight of all three to taste them side by side. The flight is $20 for 1oz of each. The bottles are available in the Cellars for $72 per bottle.

What’s New on Tap & in Package?

DESTIHL Brewery Looks Like Hazy is now on tap. Stop in and get a pint for $6 in the Tavern. Sixpoint Puff is also in stock in the Cellars for $16 per six pack. Woven Water Lucid 16oz cans for $4.75 in the Cellars are a new addition, as well. Click HERE to see our current beer offerings on Tap in the Tavern. You can also get growlers to go. Ask in Tavern, or the Cellars for pricing.

Wine from Tuscany – a different Rosso

Upcoming Tasting Events

Barrell Bourbon is coming to the Cellars

A Bourbon Barrell representative from the distillery will be here Thursday, April 27th. You don’t want to miss this amazing opportunity to taste both their gold and grey limited releases of bourbon and Seagrass rye. Click HERE to register for the tasting at $60 per person… space is limited and this will sell out quickly.

Be sure to sign up for our email list for upcoming tastings

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Who said Tequila is boring?

This week we were joined by the master distiller of Grand Mayan Tequila and the event was one of the best so far this year. He did a great job explaining how tequila has shifted from doing shots at a bar to becoming one of the fastest selling spirits in the world, thanks to the push towards sipping tequilas. We had the privilege of tasting blanco, reposado, extra old, and limited extra old double cask finished tequila. If you missed the opportunity to attend, we have the flight available in the Cellars for $35 per person.

Thank you for the opportunity to serve spirit, wine and beer needs and desires.

Until next week…