Stellum Black Bourbon


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Stellum Black Bourbon


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Tasting Notes

Upfront scents of vanilla and caramel form a familiar and traditional base. Baking spices, allspice, and a dash of cinnamon add a layer of spice, but yield to the sweeter aromas underneath. There’s a nice warmth present that encompasses the overall delivery, and each of the components finds balance with the rest. Even keel and inviting, it’s pleasant and holds the traditional bourbon line but doesn’t quite rise to the level of what’s to follow.
Nicely set up by the aromas, flavors of sweet vanilla and caramel along with a hint of aged oak set the tone. Light cinnamon, a hint of clove, and a noticeable sweet candy note (though I can’t quite pinpoint it), add dimension. Most impressive, however, is the mouthfeel and intensity. It has a heavy weight with a nice, round mouthfeel and plenty of body. Delivered at a 109 proofpoint, the intensity is spot on, rich enough to grip the taste buds, and nicely lacking unnecessary heat that would hide the flavors present.

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