Dewar’s Ilegal Mezcal Barrel Finish


8 Year blended whisky

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Dewar’s Ilegal Mezcal Barrel Finish


About This Item

Dewar’s Ilegal Smooth is a brand new to world product from Dewar’s, bringing together the classic honeyed and fruity house style of the Dewar’s blend and adding this truly unique layer of flavor by finishing the blend in Ilegal Mezcal casks; giving it surprising notes of sliced green pepper and a long wisp of smoke finish. Yes, it’s smoky, but less than you might think, with a mild to moderate smokiness that is sprinkled atop the more classic elements of a blended Scotch — On the palate the smoke takes a back seat, with some lemon, sesame, caramel, and vanilla notes all hitting their stride. The whisky sweetens up on the palate, revealing more of a marzipan and sweet custard character — though none of this is unusual for Dewar’s. The finish builds the smokiness with it strongest appearance, but it’s never overwhelming nor is it ever really identifiable as driven by mezcal rather than, say, peat.

 The result is a slightly quirky, yet supremely smooth taste, unlike anything before. More than just great tasting scotch, Dewar’s Ilegal Smooth brings two cultures together to create something uniquely richer.

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