Darkness 8 Year Scotch


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Darkness 8 Year Scotch


About This Item

Darkness is a collection of intensely sherried whiskies. Every whisky from the distillery has undertaken their signature maturation of 6 months in a sherried octave cask, rewarding the drinker with an unparalleled richness and depth of flavor. The kind that can only be achieved by liquid to wood ration in Octave Cask maturation. An octave cask contains only about one eighth of a butt, about 50 liters. This is where the name ‘octave’ comes from, because in music as well as in poetry octave always has to do with the number eight.

  • Nose: Candied orange peels, chocolate peanuts, cooking spice warmth and some dried cherry.
  • Palate: Amaretti biscuits, subtly toasty hints, powerful raisin and prune, just a touch of earthy oak lingers.
  • Finish: Slightly oily with a hint of smoke, though chocolatey hints persist.

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