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Stellum Rye Whiskey

The identity of Stellum Rye is rooted in a tried and true 95% Rye Indiana mash bill. To enhance this classic style, they incorporate small amounts more barley-forward rye and choice barrels from both Kentucky and Tennessee. This brings a full, round mouthfeel and flashes of buttery sweetness to an otherwise spicy and tightly focused Rye Whiskey. 116 proof.

  •  Nose: Stewed apples, peaches, and pears dominate the initial nose, along with an undertone of baking spices. Nutmeg and clove provide a counterbalance to the sweet fruits, while a light mint and licorice note bring further depth to the aroma.
  • Palate: Aniseed, cardamom, and coriander wake up your palate with an intense spice punch. Notes of lemon peel and tangerine coming from the rye grain provide a nice citrus component to the overall spiciness. As the whiskey breathes in the glass, fresh green apples and spearmint arise, which offers just enough of a sweet component to engage all your taste buds.
  • Finish: Star anise, white pepper, and mint linger on the palate before fading into a honey-sweetened jasmine green tea.
$83 /per bottle

Michter’s Bourbon

Michter’s US1 Kentucky Straight Bourbon is carefully selected mashbill and ‘small batch’… Each holding tank sized to fit a maximum of 20 barrels, leaving no margin for “blending out” imperfections and demanding excellence from every barrel. The low proof entry point to the barrels (103 proof) offer smoother texture and mouth feel to the whiskey.

  • 91.4 Proof
  • Fire-charred, new American white oak barrels
  • Tasting Notes: Rich caramel with balanced vanilla, stone fruit notes, smoky depth, white oak finish.
$46 /per bottle

Muckety Muck Single Grain Whiskey

Muckety-Muck 25 Year Old Single Grain Scotch Whisky boasts fresh, indulgent flavors. Enriched by 25 years of aging, this rare single grain Scotch from the Port Dundas Distillery owns a bursting aroma of caramel and baked sugar backed by the taste of crisp fruit and light toasted oak. The fruit forward flavor blends with hints of butterscotch vanilla which carry through to the finish. Distilled and bottled with pride in Scotland, this whisky is best enjoyed straight, either neat or on the rocks. Includes one 91 proof.

Set beside the canal on a hill overlooking the vibrant city of Glasgow, the Port Dundas Distillery was a prominent local landmark established in 1810 which gifted the world two centuries of exceptional whisky. Although Port Dundas closed its doors in 2010, there are rare, select remaining stocks that allow a glimpse into the glorious past of one of Scotland’s most respected and historic distilleries.

  • Nose: Bright and sweet, with aromas of lemon meringue pie, caramel sauce, ginger ale, lemon tea, orange, marmalade, and hay. There’s also a hint of something minerally and inorganic, like clay. It’s not very complicated, but it is appealing.
  • Palate: Powdered sugar, vanilla, citrus, lemon curd, snickerdoodle, and light caramel sweep across the palate with a featherweight, barely-there texture. The finish is thin, citrusy, and cooling, with menthol and Lemon zinger tea. And then it’s gone, leaving a lingering feeling of warmth and a hint of clay-like powderiness.
$265 /per bottle

Very Olde St Nick Rye

The Very Olde St. Nick Harvest Rye was selected from over 100 barrels that were aging in the company’s Bardstown barrel warehouse. This spirit was sourced from Tennessee as a part of some experimental batches; however, the spirit was mostly aged in Kentucky over the last several years. There were two barrels that were originally slated to be bottled last spring. Luckily, a hunch about these two barrels kept them in the warehouse to endure a cold winter and an additional six months aging in the Kentucky summer heat. This limited release was bottled at cask strength, 117.6 proof.

  •  Nose: The nose is sweet and spicy. Cinnamon and baking spices shine through. After some time in the glass, barrel char, light smoke, and brown sugar begin to appear.
  •  Palate: The first sip is somewhat thin. There is an instant blast of heat that coats the mouth, gathers in the back palate, and settles in the chest. Rye spice is the most prominent note. The second sip is silky and has a slight drying effect that is followed by a Pavlovian response. There is a candy sweetness to this rye with notes of vanilla and baking spice. The third sip brings both heat and flavor. The complexity of this whiskey coupled with its sweetness make it difficult to tease out all of the notes. Oak, rye spice, and vanilla were present.
  •  Finish: The finish is long and pleasant. White pepper, oak, and faint cinnamon are present.
$178 /per bottle

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