Flight Tastings

  • Mansion Barrel Pick Flight $20

    The Mansion spends time and effort to find great single barrel picks for our Cellars. The thorough search throughout the country is truly a labor of love. We put together four of our barrel picks that we think offer unique profiles versus what you find on the shelf every day.
    Elijah Craig Barrel Proof Bourbon, Barrell Bourbon Pick, Old Ezra Bourbon, Milam & Greene Bourbon
    (.75 oz of each)

  • WhistlePig Flight $30

    The Mansion has been picking barrels from WhistlePig for the past five years and these barrels make a special flight to taste side-by-side. Experience these amazing whiskies at proof.
    Three 10 Years, 15 Year 2020 (.75 oz of each)

  • Bourbon Trail Flight $20

    Kentucky bourbon is a legend and we have picked some of the favorites to taste side-by-side. You don't want to miss out on the opportunity to try a taste of Kentucky in The Cellars.
    Blanton's, Bardstown, Michter's, Russell 10 yr
    (.75 oz of each)

  • Are High-Priced Bourbons Worth the Price?... New Flight! $50

    There are bourbons and whiskies that the price seems to be a challenge to justify…so, why not try them for yourself. We have put together what we consider a one-of-a-kind flight for you to be the judge.
    Kentucky Owl Bourbon, Elijah Craig 18, Orphan Barrel Fable & Folly, Barrell Bourbon Gold Label Release
    (.75 oz of each)

  • Gin Flight $20

    London No1 Dry Gin, SipSmith VJOP Dry Gin, Bluecoat Barrel Aged Gin, Botinist Gin
    (.75 oz of each)

  • Tequila Flight $22

    Dobel Maestro Anejo, Dobel Maestro Diamante American Oak Finish, El Mayor Reposado, Heradura Reposado Finished in King of Kentucky Barrel
    (.75 oz of each)

  • Scotch Experience Flight $40

    Welcome your palate to the wonderful world of Scotch. This is your chance to experience some of the best whisky from Scotland. All four of these are from the Highlands and Speyside and the home of very light peat. This allows you to realize the delicate balance of the barley and the distillation process that bring soft flavors to enjoy.
    Macallan 12yr, Macallan 15yr, Macallan 18yr, Macallan Edition No.4 (.75 oz of each)

  • Japanese Whiskey Flight $35

    These distilleries produce some of the most unique whiskies in the world. Take a tour of Japan and experience these amazing delights on your palate.
    Suntory Toki, Suntory Harmony, Yamazaki 12, Nikka in the Barrel
    (.75 oz of each)

  • Premium Sipping Rum Flight $40

    Rum has grown in popularity over the last few years for sipping versus mixing. We built a flight of some amazing rums from all over the world. Sip and enjoy our Mansion barrels.
    Plantation Australian Rum, Plantation 23, Plantation 25, 26 yr Old Jamaican Rum
    (.75 oz of each)

Build Your Own Flight

We offer any of the open bottles in our Cellars for your own custom flight. Choose four whiskies you would like to taste from America, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, India, Caribbean, France, or any other place in the world…it is a great way to introduce yourself to things you may never try.
Tell us what you like and we will build it. Choose any 4.

.75oz of each — Price based on choices.

Expertly Curated

Barrel Picks


  • Angel's Envy

    86.6 proof, 43.3% ABV

  • Barrel Bourbon Batch #1

    121.6 proof, 60.8% ABV

  • Barrel Bourbon Batch #2

    117.8 proof, 58.9% ABV

  • Barrel Bourbon Batch #3

    122 proof, 61% ABV

  • Blue Note Juke Joint Whiskey

    93 proof, 46.5% ABV

  • Tumblin' Dice Bourbon

    100 proof, 50% ABV

  • Rebel Yell Kentucky Bourbon

    80 proof, 40% ABV

  • Yellowstone Select Bourbon

    102 proof, 51% ABV

  • Ezra Brooks Bourbon Whiskey

    90 proof, 45% ABV

  • Woodinville Bourbon Whiskey

    90 proof, 45% ABV

  • Larceny Bourbon

    92 proof, 46% ABV


  • Riverset Straight Rye

    93 proof, 46.5% ABV

  • Old Pepper Rye

    116 proof, 58% ABV

  • Manifest Rye

    100 proof, 50% ABV

  • WhistlePig 10 Year Rye

    100 proof, 50% ABV


  • Riverset Rum

    131.4 proof

  • Plantation Rum 9 Year Barbados & Jamaica

    53.0% ABV

  • Plantation Rum 13 Year Jamaica

    45.2% ABV

  • Plantation Rum 14 Year Panama

    51% ABV

  • Plantation Rum 11 Year Trinidad

    45% ABV

  • Treaty Oak Rum

    40% ABV


  • BenRiach 14 Year Barrel Select

    58.8% ABV

  • Linkwood 11 Year Signatory Cask Strength

    59.2% ABV


  • Maestro Dobel Diamante

    40% ABV

  • Maestro Dobel Anejo

    40% ABV


  • Waterloo Antique Gin

    47% ABV