December 1st – Bardstown Discovery Bourbon


One of the most notable distilleries in the city of Bardstown is The Bardstown Distillery. They are known for their state of the art distillery which started construction in 2016. They are also known for their own amazing bourbons, but they also have the ability to produce over 50 different mashbills/recipes across the entire whiskey spectrum. As a result, they distill for other whiskey brands offering them the use of the facilities to avoid the excess expense of setting up their own distilleries. Through that partnership the staff at Bardstown has benefitted from shared knowledge and expertise to produce simply amazing whiskey. The release in 2023 of their Origin Series has received many accolades and praises from whiskey lovers around the whiskey world. They release a 6 Year old Rye, 6 Year old Bourbon Bottled in Bond, and a 6 Year Old Bourbon at 94 proof.

For our 2023 Advent Calendar we chose the Discovery Series #9. It is a blended whiskey from The Bardstown Bourbon Company. It is a combination of craft 35% 8 year Georgia Bourbon, 31% Kentucky Bourbon, 19% 17  year Tennessee Whiskey, and 15% 12-year Canadian Whiskey from Ontario. The blend is structured around the unique, elegant flavor of rare barrels of craft Georgia bourbon. It is a combination of tradition and forward thinking, large scale and craft. The blend folds into one another remarkably, creating a robust, vibrant, one-of-a-kind pour.

The bouquet of this bourbon is decadent with cocoa nib, plum, and cedar box, highlighted by lively orange peel. On the palate, vanilla cream with cinnamon spice takes the lead, building to an indulgent, sublime finish. The blend is priced at $160 per bottle or $12 per ounce in the Cellars.

Don’t forget we are kicking off the Advent Calendar with a tasting of the first four on the Calendar on Friday at 6:30pm in the Cellars! Come join us as we enjoy some amazing whiskey! Sign up at